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Each of our client's portfolios is customized to the very specific needs of their unique situration.  Our Goals Based Investment approach not only considers the investment risk and return requirements our clients, but also factors in their tax, estate and lifestyle needs as well.  

Goals Based Investing

An approach which aims to help people meet their personal and lifestyle goals by placing there goals right at the centre of the advice process, prioritizing each as primary versus aspirational.

Portfolio Completion Strategies

To build a completion portfolio such that when combined with investments managed or held elsewhere, the aggregate portfolio tracks a target benchmark as close as possible.

After Tax Portfolio Management

Use of tax minimization strategies including, but not limited to, asset location, offsetting gains and losses, and asset selection to maximize after tax returns.

Behaviorally Modified Asset Allocation

An asset allocation approach that incorporates a client's potential cognative or emotional biases to make sure that they stick to a selected investment strategy when bad markets arise, hence reducing decision risk.

Addressing Concentrated Positions

Use of any of a number of strategies including structured sales, option strategies, gifting strategies, portable alpha strategies, and the use of trusts to reduce exposure to the risk of holding a highly concentrated position in a company, industry, sector or asset class.

Risk Reduction Option Strategies

Use of option strategies including puts and collars to limit the risk of existing positions that may be difficult or inefficient to liquidate.

Asking the Right Questions

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